Fennels Journal No. 4 Wild Carp

Signed hardback by Fennel Hudson

Fishing for wild carp is about adventure, history, atmosphere, mystery and emotion: searching for and discovering secret waters and forgotten strains of ancient fish. Wild Carp captures this aplenty, describing Fennel’s 20-year quest to find the oldest strains of carp in the UK.

Fennel generously donates his royalties from this book to the Wild Carp Trust.

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Wild Carp is about a very special strain of fish. It’s also about pure adventure: specifically an angler’s desire to uncover the seemingly impossible – a place where he or she can discover and live out their dreams, to completely indulge the Priory mantra of ‘Stop – Unplug – Escape – Enjoy’.

Fennel writes… “In pursuing my dream I was able to find not only the ultimate fish, but the authentic interpretation of myself. The event at the Monastery Pond, as described in this book, was to change my life forever. You could say that without this event, I wouldn’t have created Fennel’s Priory or become the man I am today. But this is a fishing book. Very much my ‘magnum opus’ and largest book to date, it’s my best attempt at capturing, first hand, why people go fishing.”