Support the Wild Carp Trust by making a donation

The Wild Carp Trust is funded principally by donations. The bulk of this money goes to our conservation work, protecting and securing fish in the wild, feeding and housing the young carp in our rearing facility and looking after the adult fish in our conservation pools. The remainder goes into our research programme that studies the growth rates and habits of these fish and reports on broader conservation work, and to our campaigns that generate public awareness and support for wild and feral carp.

How it works

The amount and frequency is determined by you (the default is set to a recurring annual payment, but you can change the frequency to monthly or make a one-off donation). For context: £15 feeds and houses our young carp for a month, £50 buys four metres of otter fence, and £100 funds a conservation pool for up to six weeks.

Donations are currently processed by PayPal, which may require you to have a PayPal account. Other options will be available in the coming months.

Supporters’ pin badge & VIP benefits

Donors who give £15 or more will receive a Wild Carp Trust supporters’ pin badge as a thank you. Those who donate more than £100 also become a VIP Supporter and get personal briefings and invitations to special VIP events. Please enter your contact details when prompted if you would like to benefit in this way. Likewise, by entering your email address, you will receive our quarterly newsletter that explains how your donation is helping to conserve the oldest strains of carp.