A celebration of glorious wild carp

Our oldest strains of carp may have existed for centuries on their own but, in the current climate of predation, poor water quality, fashion for king carp, and angling trends that favour ‘biggest is best’, they face their toughest-ever challenge for survival. Wild carp, feral carp, wildies, wild-like carp, wild-type carp, heritage carp, ‘real’ carp, call them what you will. These fish are wonderful and priceless golden treasures, worthy of our protection.

Fishing for wildies

Many members of the Wild Carp Trust are anglers who love fishing and care passionately about the health of the natural, aquatic, environment.

Catch, appreciate, return

We see carp as a precious resource that should be returned safely to the water after capture, rather than being taken for the table. And we understand that ‘bigger isn’t always best’ (rather, when it comes to heritage carp, the oldest strains – often representing the smallest fish – are best).

Methods & advice