Wild carp on BBC television

26 September 2021

Wild Carp Trust President John Bailey, who works as the fishing consultant on mainstream television programme Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, has secured a 30-minute programme on wild carp for the new series.

Broadcast on BBC2 at 8pm on Sunday 26th September 2021, the programme sees comedians Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse go fishing for wild carp at the Wild Carp Trust’s ‘home’ waters of Pant y Llyn and Llyngwyn in mid-Wales.

John Bailey says: “It’s great that wild carp get a bit of exposure. They are on their last legs and the country’s extremities are their last strongholds. Thank you as ever to the many people who helped behind the scenes to allow us on these sparkling venues. They are special but they are vulnerable and I hope there is no over fishing as a result. This always worries me. Not for selfish reasons but rather as I worry about the fragility of wild waters that can easily be damaged. Just let us, me included, realise how blessed we fishers are to revel in the impossible-to-believe beauty of waters like those we saw in this episode. Time is excruciatingly precious and the joy of living should be paramount. So many old values and aspirations are lost in the crazed drive for success and many viewers respond to Gone Fishing’s reversal of this. Bob and Paul don’t need whopping fish or endless money. A good bed, good coffee, good companionship, a five pound carp and they are truly happy. I don’t know about you, but it is doing me good to remember that.”

The wild carp episode of Mortimer and Whitehouse can be viewed on YouTube as a paid-for service. Click here to watch, selecting Season 4, Episode 6, ‘Mid Wales’.