New book royalties go to the Wild Carp Trust

26 March 2022

WCT trustee Steven Murgatroyd is donating the royalties from his new book ‘The Last Chance Fishing Club’ to the Wild Carp Trust.

The book, which is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle from Amazon, is a collection of angling stories, many of which featured in fishing magazines such as Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, Fly Culture, and Trout and Salmon.

The 39 chapters convey the author’s delight in fishing simply for wild fish in beautiful and often remote places. Most chapters are about fly fishing for wild trout, plus the tackle, personalities and philosophies that make this aspect of the sport so compelling; however the book will appeal to anyone who appreciates the value of quality time spent in natural surroundings and the power of striving for one’s dreams. As Steven says in the introduction, “Dreams are important; very important. Soon we learn there are no false promises to be had in the pursuit of our quarry. Nature offers no guarantees. But that is its attraction. There are so many variables that success is never a given. Persistence, however, will eventually be rewarded.”

We rather like Steven’s view that persistence will be rewarded. It’s appropriate for a charity seeking to conserve rare strains of fish, growing them from eggs and fry where success is never a given. We embrace the variables and encourage you to purchase Steven’s new book. In doing so, you’ll be contributing valuable funds to help the oldest strains of carp.