Wild Carp Trust secures licence to use historic carp art

6 January 2021

The Wild Carp Trust has secured a royalty-free licence to use historic art from a 1913 book. The picture, entitled ‘Karpfen’ was painted by Heinrich Harder (a German artist and art professor at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin) and was featured in Emil Walter’s book “Unsere Süßwasserfische” (“Our Freshwater Fish”). It shows the different types of carp, with the wild carp in the bottom right.

Somewhat ominously, Harder is best known for his depictions of extinct animals, which makes the image relevant to the Wild Carp Trust as we seek to conserve the oldest strains of carp and raise awareness of the plight of the original wild carp that is threatened with extinction.

The Wild Carp Trust shall use the artwork in our promotional activities, including the upcoming members’ journal.