Merry Christmas from the Wild Carp Trust

25 December 2023

Merry Christmas from the Wild Carp Trust. Thank you for your continued interest and support. We’ve had an amazing year, conserving two historic strains of carp, securing two new conservation pools, and putting more than two hundred wildies into our conservation programme. A year of ‘twos’, putting us on a solid footing from which to prosper in 2024.

We’d welcome your support in helping to spread the word and to encourage more people or organisations to join or donate. We also need more conservation pools – ones containing no carp today – that can become new homes for the historic carp in our care. Please contact us if you can help.

If you care about the natural world, or love fish or fishing, please support the Wild Carp Trust. We’re a conservation charity that protects heritage strains of carp, ensuring they live on for future generations to enjoy. You can join us as a member for ¬£30 a year or donate a regular or one-off amount.