10 years of the Wild Carp Trust

4 August 2023

Back in July 2013, three friends met at famous wild carp fishery Llyngwyn in mid-Wales and decided that something needed to be done to conserve the few remaining strains of medieval carp in the UK. The friends were Matt Tanner, Stu Harris and Fennel Hudson. Ten years on, the vision is very real in our conservation charity and its achievements.

Matt, Stu and Fennel returned to Llyngwyn this week to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Wild Carp Trust (although the charity is only 18 months old). The greatest present? 150 brood fish for the Wild Carp Trust’s conservation programme.

wild carp trust founders, stu harris, matt tanner, fennel hudson

“They’ve hardly aged a day!” Wild Carp Trust founders Stu Harris, Matt Tanner and Fennel Hudson meet at Llyngwyn to celebrate the Trust’s 10th anniversary.

“Okay, maybe they have aged…a bit.” On the Trust’s founding day in 2013.