Wild Carp Trust’s fry rearing success

4 October 2021

The Wild Carp Trust is delighted to report healthy growth of 50-70 young carp, grown from eggs spawned in the wild at Pant y Llyn in Wales.

These fish are the foundations of our conservation programme, which seeks to create back-up stock of the UK’s oldest carp strains and some day to stock them into conservation pools where their numbers may flourish.

Four month old wild carp, grown by the Wild Carp Trust

Four month old wild carp, grown by Ben Cornick of the Wild Carp Trust. The majority of the fish have the classic lean shape of a wildie, even at this young age. (The exception being ‘Big Bertha’ which grew fat by eating its brothers and sisters.)

Ben Cornick with the young carp grown for the Wild Carp Trust

Results of Ben Cornick’s expert care. This is a small selection of the carp grown from eggs during this first year’s conservation activity.