Wild Carp Trust to conserve the Llyngwyn strain

10 August 2023

The Wild Carp Trust is working closely with Rhayader & Elan Valley Angling Association to help conserve the carp stocks of their famous wild carp lake Llyngwyn.

The Welsh wild carp water is perhaps the most famous wildie water in the UK, It has this year succumbed to agricultural pollution resulting in prolific growth of blue-green algae and blanket weed that has negatively affected the oxygen levels and invertebrate life in the lake. Natural Resources Wales recommended the removal of a large number of carp, which were disturbing ammonia trapped in the lake’s sediment. The Wild Carp Trust was called in to conduct the fish removal and rehoming activity.

Activity will commence at the end of August, initially removing carp via rod and line and transporting them to the Wild Carp Trust’s temporary holding facility.

News release from Rhayader & Elan Valley AA explaining how the Wild Carp Trust is working with them to conserve the historically important strain of carp in Llyngwyn.