Wild Carp Trust stocks Edward’s Pool

10 September 2023

The Wild Carp Trust was delighted to provide 100 carp from the Llyngwyn strain to populate our third conservation pool, named Edward’s Pool.

Wild Carp Trust trustee Andy Roberts said, “It’s great to be working with a landowner who truly values conservation. Edward and his family have spent several years restoring this pool and it seems right to stock it with a type of carp that may well have been present in the lake when it was first created in the 1700s. These fish and their offspring will form the basis of our Llyngwyn conservation programme, being the first to be moved from this famous wild carp water. We’re confident that that they will be happy in their new home and will breed naturally, so they can be thinned out in future years to provide stock for other waters.”

Wild Carp Trust chair of trustees stocks a carp into Edward’s Pool.

“And away!” A wild carp finds its new home.