Wild Carp Trust secures more carp

6 October 2023

The Wild Carp Trust has secured another 37 adult carp for its conservation programme. The fish, collected this week from Llyngwyn, were caught mostly by Wild Carp Trust VIP member Shaun Harrison and trustee Peter Whipp.

Wild Carp Trust founder, Fennel Hudson, said: “Huge thanks, and congratulations, to Shaun and Pete for catching so many fish during a cold and windswept trip to Llyngwyn. Fishing was tough, with few fish in the shallow areas, but they could be caught once located. The sense of relief we have in saving more wildies from Llyngwyn (there’s been an algal bloom on the lake, with oxygen due to crash in the coming weeks as the temperature drops), and getting even more adults into our Llyngwyn conservation programme, is testament to Shaun and Pete’s fish catching ability.”