Wild Carp Trust celebrates first conservation success (video)

16 December 2021

The Wild Carp Trust is incredibly proud to announce its first conservation success.

Between March and June this year we secured all the necessary permissions to remove eggs and fry from famous wild carp water Pant y Llyn in Wales. We were able to collect eggs spawned in the wild, then hatch and grow them on under the expert supervision of fishery consultant Ben Cornick.

We kept this activity under wraps until the fish were of a size where we were confident of their survival. Back in October we briefed our VIP supporters of the success, and now we have the pleasure of sharing a recording of this briefing for all to see.

You can watch the video below. It features a 30-minute briefing from Wild Carp Trust chairman Fennel Hudson, then 30 minutes of Q&A with the VIP stakeholders.

Should you wish to become a VIP Supporter and participate in the live briefings, you can do so by donating £100 or more or volunteering your time and expertise to support the Wild Carp Trust.