Carp successfully moved to holding ponds by the Wild Carp Trust

22 August 2023

The Wild Carp Trust has successfully moved over 150 carp to its temporary holding ponds. The fish will be housed here for a few days we await the Environment Agency site permit for the Trust’s new conservation pool.

Wild Carp Trust chair of trustees Fennel Hudson, said: “We weren’t expecting to have to hold the carp, but we’re waiting for the EA paperwork to catch up. Bless my daughter for allowing her paddling pool to be used for this purpose and my wife for allowing a large part of our garden to be taken up with these fish. It’s a sacrifice, but we’ve waited ten years to get these fish.”

Fennel puts the first of the adult wildies into one of our holding tanks. They will be here for a few days while we await the site permit from the Environment Agency. They will then be moved on to our new conservation pool.

The Wild Carp Trust’s new brood fish, collected from Llyngwyn.

We put hessian over the tank during the day to keep the sun off the water. This was the same hessian we used to make the spawning substrates at Pant y Llyn.