The Last Chance Fishing Club

His writing, collected here complete and unedited for the first time, has been featured in a variety of well-known fishing-related print and digital publications, and has won various awards (including first prize in the Balvenie ‘Story to Tell’ competition, the Grayling Society Righyni-Roose Award for excellence in the written word, and first place in the Fish and Fly writing competition).



Steven Murgatroyd has been a fanatical fisherman for over fifty years. These days he fishes almost exclusively with the fly rod; eagerly pursuing game, coarse and saltwater species documenting his various piscine escapades along the way. He is a trustee of The Wild Carp Trust and a life member of The Wild Trout Trust. He lives on the Welsh borders with his family. At the bottom of the garden, conveniently enough, is a trout stream…