Wild Carp Trust creates a film for Fishing TV

10 September 2020

The Wild Carp Trust has recorded a film about wild carp for Fishing TV. Shown during the Wild Trout Trust’s ‘Virtual Get-Together’, the 10-minute film introduces the Wild Carp Trust and highlights the conservation plight of the original wild carp and the need to protect our oldest strains of feral carp, too.

Stu Harris, Wild Carp Trust Film-making Trustee who directed and edited the film, said: “Being given an opportunity by the Wild Trout Trust to promote our good cause was an opportunity not to be missed, so Matt, Fennel and I each did our bit to camera to highlight the appeal, history and merit of these rare and very special carp.”

The film can be seen on the Promotion section of the Wild Carp Trust website.