Submit your wild carp articles and photos

12 October 2021

The Wild Carp Trust invites writers and photographers to submit content for this blog and our future publications.

Material can be about wild or feral carp only.

If you have a story to tell, research to share, or a photo that will inspire others to appreciate wildies then we’re keen to hear from you.

Please contact us discuss your ideas.

Fennel Hudson, Chair of Trustees and editor of the Wild Carp Trust’s publications, says, “We’re looking for content about wild or feral carp that’s inspiring, informative or entertaining. Perhaps a fishing story about wildies, or information about the heritage carp you know, or photos of fish you’ve caught, or research you’ve conducted or uncovered. Maybe something about the history of these fish, or something visionary about the future we can create for them. If you can inspire others to care for or be interested in wild and feral carp, then the content will be positively received. Reviews and summaries of books and magazine articles that feature wildies are encouraged, too. Photos can be of anything that captures the spirit of wild or feral carp.”


The Wild Carp Trust blog is the first outlet for submitted material, with the very best articles and photos being reserved or reproduced in our planned publications.

All material submitted will be subject to editorial review and approval. The Wild Carp Trust doesn’t guarantee publication of everything received, however we will rarely reject something outright. Rather we’d give constructive feedback or work with the contributor to improve the quality of his or her submission. Articles from non-native English speakers are welcomed, especially if they refer to wild or feral carp outside of the UK.

There’s no financial payment for us using the material, just the kudos of publication. You will retain copyright, with the Wild Carp Trust having royalty-free permission to use the text or photos in any of our publishing or promotional activities. Should your material be included in a book or magazine that raises funds for the Wild Carp Trust, we will send you a copy of that publication for free.