Artwork commissioned to celebrate the formation of the Wild Carp Trust

20 October 2020

Celebrated Cumbrian artist Scott Winstanley has been commissioned by Wild Carp Trust chair of trustees Fennel Hudson to create a stylised drawing of a wild carp. The illustration, which will be based on the deliberately lean dimensions of the carp in the Wild Carp Trust logo, shall take centre stage in Fennel’s study and potentially be used in Wild Carp Trust promotional material in the future.

Talking of the commission, Fennel said: “Scott and I have long been friends and I’ve often admired his illustrations of wild trout. He’s also a fan of wild carp, so it seemed appropriate to commission him to draw a picture of a wildie for my study.”

With the commission comes Scott Winstanley’s appointment as ‘Artist in Residence’ for the Wild Carp Trust.

Further illustrations are planned, showing the differences between strains of known UK wildies. Limited edition prints may well follow, to help raise funds for the Wild Carp Trust.