Wild Carp Trust Chairman’s Weekend 2021

8 September 2021

The Wild Carp Trust offered a weekend’s wild carp fishing and bushcraft camping as part of the Wild Trout Trust’s annual charity auction. Known as ‘The Chairman’s Weekend’, it is the one where Fennel pulls out all the stops to feast, drink, fish and be merry.

The lot was won by Jack Walker-Williams, who was keen to catch his first wild carp on the fly.

Fennel Hudson and Peter Whipp from the Wild Carp Trust accompanied Jack to Llyngwyn lake in Wales, where he was able to catch his first wildie. They then returned to a mountain campsite where they stayed in Fennel’s tipi and cooked a huge steak dinner over an open fire. On the second day, Fennel and Pete introduced Jack to Pant y Llyn to show him some of our conservation work and try for some ‘high altitude carp’. It was a proper ‘boys adventure’ into the Welsh mountains.

Speaking of the event, Jack Walker-Williams said: “The weekend delivered on every front. We achieved everything I thought possible, and I caught my first wildie as well!”

Wild Carp fishing with Fennel Hudson

The event was to raise funds for fellow charity the Wild Trout Trust.

Llyngwyn wild carp fishing

The carp were rising freely, lending themselves to dry fly tactics.

Llyngwyn wild carp fishing

Carp were holding in and around the lily pads, but could be tempted with dry flies.

Llyngwyn wild carp wales

Jack’s first wild carp, safely in the net.

Llyngwyn wild carp

Jack’s first wild carp – a jewel from Llyngwyn.

Llyngwyn wild carp

Jack’s Llyngwyn wild carp. Note the short barbules and relatively small mouth.

Campfire cooking on Wild Carp Trust trip

Cooking over a campfire was part of the trip. Suffice to say, everyone ate very well!

Campfire, Wild Carp Trust event

Long nights talking around the campfire were an integral part of the trip.