Wild carp from the mountains

17 June 2021

Wild Carp Trust trustee Tony Protheroe is enjoying a successful fishing trip at Pant y Llyn, up in the mountains of mid-Wales.

Amidst changeable weather due to a big southerly breeze pushing up over the mountain, Tony found fish feeding in the downwind area of the lake. Float-fishing sweetcorn, he was able to tempt five fish, with the photos below showing the largest of them.

Pant y Llyn, Powys, Wales, wild carp lake

Brooding skies over Pant y Llyn, high up in the mountains.

Pant y Llyn wild carp lake, Powys, Wales

The weather can change quickly in the Welsh mountains. This is high summer!

Pant y Llyn wild carp lake powys wales

The fish were holding along the downwind bank.

wild carp fishing at Pant y Llyn, powys wales

Rod out but sitting far back. The carp were only ten feet from the bank.

Tony Protheroe wild carp fishing at Pant y llyn powys wales

Tony Protheroe getting ready to cast again into Pant y Llyn.

Wild carp from Pant y llyn, Powys, Wales

Tony’s fine wildie from Pant y Llyn.

Pant y Llyn wildie.

The Pant y Llyn fish are much shorter than wildies found in other local waters, with some fish – like this one – having a relatively pointy head with longish barbules, too.

Wild carp fishing at Pant y Llyn, Powys, Wales

Returning the wildie to Pant y Llyn.

Wild carp, Pant y Llyn, Powys, Wales.

The wildie swims away strongly.

Wild carp, Pant y Llyn, Powys, Wales

Farewell to a fine wild carp.