Wild Carp Trust on fish collection duty at Llyngwyn

20 August 2023

The Wild Carp Trust has begun a three-day operation to collect brood stock carp via rod and line from Llyngwyn. The activity is being overseen by Wild Carp Trust founders Matt Tanner, Stu Harris and Fennel Hudson, with logistics managed by Wild Carp Trust trustee Peter Whipp.

The activity is in support of the Wild Carp Trust’s close working relationship with Rhayader & Elan Valley Angling Association, where management of the carp stocks in LLyngwyn forms part of the management plan for the water.

The carp collected will be the first of the Llyngwyn strain to be conserved and will become the Wild Carp Trust’s first adult brood stock for our breeding programme.

Stu and Graham hatched a plan to target the carp from each side of the island, intercepting them as they entered or exited the shallow bay.