Temporary holding equipment purchased for wild carp

18 August 2023

The Wild Carp Trust is very grateful to Sam Royce of Maidenhead Aquatics for his expert advice in helping us to select pumps and aeration equipment for our temporary holding tanks.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the EA site permit for our new conservation pool is delayed, so we will need to house the wild carp from Llyngwyn in temporary pools (AKA large paddling pools, courtesy of Fennel’s daughter and wife) until we have permission to move them.

Two filter and pump set ups were purchased, and three aerators. The Wild Carp Trust is reassured that we will be able to keep the carp in good condition until they can be moved on, while having the kit to be able to repeat the activity in the future, or use it to grow-on small carp.

Sam Royce

Sam Royce from Maidenhead aquatics came to the rescue of the Wild Carp Trust to advise on equipment to temporarily house wild carp.