Fry collection by the Wild Carp Trust resumes at Pant y Llyn

10 September 2021

The Wild Carp Trust’s fry collection activities have resumed at Pant y Llyn.

We’ve renewed our NRW licence that allows us to use crayfish traps and minnow traps. Activities to date have resulted in millions of minnows in the traps (some of them very large) but finally we have secured some of this year’s fry. These will be grown on in a separate facility to those collected as eggs in June, with growth rates compared.

Wild carp fry collection

Fennel Hudson retrieves the first of the crayfish traps, hoping to find some carp fry amongst the minnows.

Minnows collected at Pant y Llyn by the Wild Carp Trust

Not as full as some have been, the crayfish trap is still full of hundreds of minnows.

No carp in this net

No carp to be found in this net, only minnows.


Good average size of minnows

Good average size of minnows at Pant y Llyn.  

Wild carp fry collected by the Wild Carp Trust

The first four wild carp fry collected from Pant y Llyn. The water is coloured from recent rain washing through the peat that surrounds the lake.

Wild carp collected by the Wild Carp Trust

The young wild carp growing healthily in their new rearing facility.